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01/09/2012 Year in Review and Next Steps for 2012 Misty Mills & Angie VanSchoick  
02/13/2012 Canceled    
03/12/2012 Social Media, Marketing, and You Misty Mills Misty's presentation
05/14/2012 Adobe CS6 Angie VanSchoick CS6 Overview w/Terry Fortescue -

CS6 Photoshop w/Zorana Gee -

CS6 Production Premium Video w/Al Mooney -

CS6 InDesign w/Terry White -

CS6 FlashPro w/Tom Barclay -

CS6 Dreamweaver/TypeKit/HTML5 w/Greg Rewis -

Muse w/Dani Beaumont -

Creative Cloud Overview w/Bridget Roman -

After Effects CS6 w/Steve Ford -

Illustrator CS6 w/Brenda Sutherland -
06/11/2012 Software Raffle!    
07/09/2012 Klout - What it is, how to get it, and why you want it Misty Mills
08/13/2012 CANCELED    
09/10/2012 Personal Branding, Social Media and Personal Promotion - Best Practices Misty Mills & Angie VanSchoick

Personal Branding Resources:
LinkedIn Q&A
Personal Branding Blog
Why Personal Branding is Important

Online resources useful for networking / job searching
LinkedIn - set up professional bio and resume, able to search open positionsn nation (and world) wide. Be sure to look through the Groups listed and join some, great way to meet people with similar interests. Check out the Job page - a lot of places are posting on here before they list it elsewhere.
Indeed - You can set up a search engine for job postings specifying type of job and location, these will then be emailed to you on a daily basis. Indeed crawls the web for postings listed all over, so it's a great way to see what's open.
Dice - More computer/technology based positions are listed here, anything from permanent to temporary and in between.

10/08/2012 Jobs for Geeks Career Fair SE Michigan Recruiters Register at
11/12/2012 Software Raffle!
Illustrator and InDesign - Creating Professional Documents
Misty & Angie  
12/10/2012 Holiday Party - Mix 'n Mingle    
01/14/2013 Mobile Devices CANCELED  
02/11/2013 Dreamweaver & Captivate CANCELED  
03/11/2013 Acrobat Portfolio and Resumes    
04/08/2013 Job Fair CANCELED  
05/13/2013 Software Raffle! CANCELED  
06/10/2013   CANCELED Due to illness  
07/08/2013 Creative Cloud Raffle
Job Fair
SE Michigan Recruiters