Board of Directors

Manager - Misty Mills
Responsible for group as a whole, coordination between other board members, and maintaining outside networking connections.

Co-Manager - Angie VanSchoick
This position will handle User Group Manager duties when the Manager is unavailable, and will also help to run the group.

Marketing Coordinator - Misty Mills
Responsible for the creation of materials to expose A3FUG to the Ann Arbor area. This includes creation of posters, flyers, and other advertising information.

Events Coordinator - Currently Open
Responsible for the coordination of meetings, such as working with the Manager and Co-Manager to arrange for speakers, finding sponsors, etc.

Membership Chair - Currently Open
This position will handle all membership related duties such as welcoming/recruiting new members. They may work very closely with the Marketing Coordinator.

Webmaster - Angie VanSchoick
Responsible for upkeep of A3FUG website.


If you are interested in becoming a board member, email the Manager to express your interest!